Helping people experience Jesus is the most significant thing we can do with our lives. Find a place to connect and serve.


Join one of these teams:

AV Team (sound, lighting, ProPresenter, cameras)

Worship Team

Kids’ and Youth Teams

Hosting and hospitality Teams

Barista Team

Catering Team

Mission Team

Prayer Team

Homegroup Leaders


One of our core values is living beyond ourselves and making a meaningful, sustainable difference in our community. Our church partners with people who are doing incredible work.


Our core projects are:

Bana Ba Kgotso

We support Dennis, who looks after 9 kids’ fulltime, and runs a creche in Tembisa. She also runs soccer and drumming programmes and a feeding scheme that supports hundreds of kids and gives them a place to belong and find safety.

Ratang Bana

We assist the team at Ratang Bana to support child-headed homes.

Jacksons’ Real Food Market

Jacksons donates their sell-by date items every day and we help distribute them to those in need.

Food Distribution

We pack and distribute meal packs to those in need in our immediate area every week. Once a year, we also pack around 20 000 meals with Rise Against Hunger that we are able to distribute.