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Dear Hope Ridge Family, This Sunday we start a new series called Paradox. Scripture is full of paradoxical statements – things that seem to be contradictory or absurd, but on closer investigation, are in fact true. We are part of the upside-down Kingdom of Jesus, where leaders are servants, power comes through sacrifice and surrender, [...]


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Dear Friends, This past Sunday we kicked off our "Pursue" series. For the next few weeks we'll be talking about intentionally and purposefully following Jesus and what that looks like in our day to day lives. There are so many things that vie for our attention and so much that distracts us from the things [...]

Bring It!

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Dear Hope Ridge Church Family,   This Sunday, we launch our “Bring It!” Series. We could not be more excited about what God wants to do in us over the next few weeks. The series was born out a real sense that now, more than ever, is the moment for the church to stand up [...]


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It’s at the heart of the story of Scripture – from the very first pages to the last and it’s the golden thread that binds everything together. It is the reason for our existence and it is the essence of God’s character. It is supposed to be the thing that defines the followers of Jesus [...]


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We have been sharing our vision over the last few weeks and we pray that it has stirred something in your heart. May we be burdened (in the best way possible) with the big, but wonderful vision of Jesus. May it be like a fire in your bones that makes you unable to keep quiet [...]

The gift of uncomfortable places

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Turbulent times give us the privilege of assessing what really matters personally in our lives and what matters most for the corporate church. It asks us hard questions – which are often painful, let’s be honest – but that reveal the truth about where we are and perhaps prod us to look more carefully at [...]

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