These are based on our sermons and can be used for personal study or group discussion.

The greatest impact

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Between the sea and the sword

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Life in the wilderness

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Even if

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Processes for all seasons

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Hope in the dark

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To the fellowship

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Sustaining Compassion

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Ascend the mountain

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Living Stones

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Tomb Stone

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Shouting Stones

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Run with perseverence

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Living Water

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Filled to flow

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Be strong

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Pictures of faith

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Fall on your knees

thumbnail of 2020_12_20_Fall on your knees

’til He appeared

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O Holy Night

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The miracle in the middle

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Content, but never satisfied (15 Nov 2020)

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Pressed, crushed, purposeful

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Faith in this season

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The Comeback

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Glimpses of the Kingdom

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