Dear Hope Ridge Family,

This Sunday we start a new series called Paradox. Scripture is full of paradoxical statements – things that seem to be contradictory or absurd, but on closer investigation, are in fact true. We are part of the upside-down Kingdom of Jesus, where leaders are servants, power comes through sacrifice and surrender, weakness brings strength, and death ushers in life. The preaching of Jesus is full of unexpected truths and when we scratch the surface, we find incredible power and hope in His message. We sometimes want things to be black and white, either or, but in reality, much of life is about “both-and”. It’s holding things in tension, living with the reality of joy and suffering, hope and despair, answers and mystery side by side. 

Join us on the journey over the next few weeks as we delve deeper into some of the unlikely statements in Scripture that reveal deeper truths to our hearts. 


It has been such a special season over the last few months as we have been able to be back at full-steam with meeting in person, worshipping together and connecting in courses and events. We trust that you are plugged in and connecting. If you’d like to get in touch or find out how and where you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


We look forward to the next few weeks, especially as we head into Easter. We pray that it will be a time of growth, discovery and the resurrection power of Jesus becoming a reality for all of us in new ways.


With hope and joy,

Crae, Deline and the Hope Ridge Team

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