Crae and Deline Nourse have been in the ministry for over a decade. God planted the seed of Hope House in their hearts, calling them to establish a church that would bring hope and transformation in a really authentic, challenging and dynamic way.

Deline Nourse

Deline has a heart for discipleship and helping people discover the fullness of life Christ offers. She is gifted in writing, teaching, preaching and making the behind the scenes reality of church life function effectively and has extensive experience in many aspects of ministry including working with children, youth, communication, strategy & vision and group life. She holds an honours degree in psychology, a Bachelor of Divinity and a Bachelor of Theology. Deline works at a private higher education institution in administration when she is not attending to church matters.

Crae Nourse

Crae has a heart for people, preaching the Word, building relationships and establishing a faith community that really makes the Kingdom of God a practical reality. He has worked as a youth pastor, young adults’ pastor and a campus pastor and is gifted in leadership, vision and making meaningful personal connections with people. He has a Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management and a Bachelor of Theology Degree.